Easy and flexible Features

Live Tracking for all kind of sports events and activities

Design Amazing Sports Maps

Virtual Race for individual workouts - Combine live leaderboard and global activity map

Perfect to compare sports activities of remote athletes in respect of health regulations. Leaderboard with live results and Tracking Map showing the current location and the replay. 

Participants contribute their exercises and trainings regardless of location, time and segments.

    Participants feed their workouts from everywhere.
    Participants provide their individual activities at any time.
    Don't get stalled by segments! Participants accumulate multiple activities.

Adapt your interactive real-time map to the specific needs of each event

Provide an interactive real-time visualization of your competitions, where ever you want. Broadcast your event for your audience on the Internet, on smart phones and in social media. Show sports events live, record and play back later. Mobile-first user experience for easy and mass-compatible use. 

    Customizations: Color tracks and markers, points of interest, emojis, various Mapbox styles, sponsor logo & link, group maps & much more ...
    Instant replay: Perfect for speakers. Move to early scenes of the race, watch the recap and return to live stream within seconds
    Statistics for each participant: Speed, distance from start, accumulated ascent & descent, distance to go and predicted time to finish, gap analysis between participants

Process all kind of Location Data

Powerful Tracking App for viewers, athletes and organizers

Download Racemap App from Google play
Download Racemap App from App store

Racemap Tracking App for all kinds of sports events, provides multiple competitions, free download for participants and spectators. 

Predictive Tracking of all participants

Our unique algorithm receives sporadic detections from the timing system. The model predicts the location, speed & AI-based corrections, providing a smooth and realistic race visualization. Perfect for Live Tracking of all participants, as there are no individual tracking devices needed.

Animation of Predictive Tracking
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    Easy set-up and data import in your Racemap account

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    Unique algorithm: rel-time prediction & correction of location & speed

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    Hands free: All participants without additional GPS devices

Reliable GPS Trackers for special tasks

Racemap Trackers cover the needs as a personal tracker same as a professional GPS solution for multiple participants tracking. Racemap provides multi tracker management to control all Trackers simultaneously.


Process and sync Event Data efficiently

  • Tracking Keys

    Keys are perfect to sell Live Tracking directly in the online application for your competition. You can use keys to provide your participants an easy sign up for Live Tracking in Racemap App and you can even automate the sign up process.

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    GPS Timing & Live Rank

    To show the leaderboard online. Easy real-time scoring, ranking and results based on GPS Tracking and geo fences. Just with virtual splits.

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    Export API for instant race data

    Data stream for every participant of your competition - every 1 sec real-time data. Perfect to feed TV graphics such as the distance of the leading group and followers or for automated speed monitoring. 

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    API to import & sync participants data 

    Import & sync participant data automatically from your time keeping system or online application. This way you update the data in one system only and you save a lot of time. If you don't work with an application system, just upload your data with an CSV file.